Plug and Abandon Strategies for Canada’s Oil & Gas Wells to stop Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF) and Gas Migration (GM)

Ian Friggard, University of British Columbia

20-WARI-02, 17-WARI-02

This 4-year project is about the engineering design of P&A operations. The project has 2 key objectives. First we will assess the status of typical Canadian P&A operations, well architectures and regulatory practices, all within a more global context. We will conduct a detailed review of the scientific and engineering literature as it pertains to questions of plug integrity, clarify knowledge gaps and expose technological issues. Second, through our network we will target research in a series of complementary sub-projects that will provide physical and engineering rationale for those regulatory and operational decisions that concern fluid mechanical issues, e.g. plug placement, cleaning of residual well fluids, mixing during placement, bonding/contact, squeeze cementing.


Estimated date of completion: July 2022