Investigate the potential for surface casing vent flow/groundwater migration issues

Cathy Ryan, University of Calgary
GL 15-WIPC-03

The identification of the set of tools that comprise the best approach to understand the presence/absence and source of GM, in addition to the depth and flux of stray gases will assist in designing appropriate and effective remediation. Mapping the extent and geochemical markers (or other water quality implications) of stray gas migration into aquifers above BGWP to assist regulators in understanding the risk implications of subsurface stray gas migration so that the regulations developed around this issue are appropriate to the implications of the issue. 

Policy Issue
Improving the understanding of the impacts of surface casing vent flows. Gas migration from wellbores is a potentially significant liability and cost issue that requires greater technical understanding of causal mechanisms and potential environmental impacts.

Knowledge Gap
Environmental impacts from surface casing vent flows with respect to shallow aquifers and greenhouse gas

2019 Update Presentation