Identifying, Characterizing and Addressing Soil and Groundwater Issues related to SCVF and Other Types of Natural Gas Migration

Kirk Osadetz, CMC Research Institutes Inc.
GL 15-SGRC-09

Identify natural seepages of natural gas into groundwater aquifers and soils. Some of the earliest identifications of natural gas in Alberta occurred at surface seepages. From mass balance analysis of petroleum systems, their history and the alteration of resulting oils we know that the natural flux of methane through Alberta aquifers and soils is huge, although the specific rates are not well constrained.

Policy Issue
Improving the understanding of the impacts of surface casing vent flows. Gas migration from wellbores is a potentially significant liability and cost issue that requires greater technical understanding of causal mechanisms and potential environmental impacts.

Knowledge Gap
Environmental impacts from surface casing vent flows with respect to shallow aquifers and greenhouse gas