2019 Well Abandonment Policy Issues and Knowledge Gaps

Public Policy Issue Associated Knowledge Gap(s)
Characterize the Source of SCVF/GM to Identify Leakage Pathways, Establish an Appropriate Threshold Concentration for Well Repair, and Identify Long-term Monitoring Solutions.
  • Improve source identification methodology, as characterizing the source of SCVF/GM remains challenging.
  • Establish better gas sampling methods and standards, as samples become unstable over time.  Gas source characterization is interpretational and unreliable.
  • Analyze impacts from both SCVF/GM and repair operations to determine an appropriate SCVF/GM threshold.
  • Identify a cost-effective long-term monitoring solution.
Research Well Integrity to Establish a Permanent Barrier Criteria.
  • Investigate bridge plugs and alternatives. Assess cost, longevity, and failure probability.
  • Gain a better understanding of the seal integrity between the well casing and cement.
Determine a Criteria for Cement and Cement Alternatives for SCVF/GM Repair.
  • Create a tool that can assess the bond quality behind pipe, for both cement and cement alternatives.
  • Reduce wellbore leakage during drilling though increased knowledge and improving cementing practices.