Well Abandonment Policy Issues and Knowledge Gaps

2021 Public Policy Issue Associated Knowledge Gap(s)
Cut and Cap Policy for Low Risk SCVF Wells
  • Apply risk based approach to establish acceptable criteria to allow for a non-zero threshold for SCVFs.  Facilitate site closure / progress sites to rec-certification under this policy.
Establish a Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy for Surface Casing Vents in Thermal Operations
  • Characterization of methane emission volumes and their relationship to methane concentrations in surface casing vents from thermal operations
  • Identification of methane sources (shallow vs. production zone) to evaluate operational impacts
  • Assessment of the risk associated with the environmental impacts and public/operational safety associated with measured concentrations of gases complicated by steam flow in thermal vents
Evaluate Cement Alternatives for SCVF/GM Repair
  • Evaluate acceptable cement alternatives for SCVF/GM repair that meet or exceed established regulatory requirements for cement properties
  • Improve repair success metrics
  • Assess the bond quality behind pipe for cement alternatives
Identify Long Term Monitoring & Management  Solutions
  • Identify a cost-effective long-term monitoring solution – continuous and semi-routine
  • Identify options for managing non-serious SCVF/GM prior to abandonment

*Surface Casing Vent Flow/Gas Migration (SCVF/GM)