Well Abandonment Applications 2017

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Aysia Stante
Richland Ventures
$200,000 34%
Plug and Abandon Strategies for Canada’s Oil & Gas Wells Ian Frigaard
University of British Columbia
$86,250 70%
A novel approach to assessing cement plug integrity for well abandonment operations Roman Shor
University of Calgary
$66,250 56%
Estimation of Entry Depth of Surface Casing Vent Flow and Gas Migration GAMZE IPEK
50000 34%
Alternative Cementing Materials for Enhancing Long Term Well Integrity – Development and Application of Integrated Workflow for Assessment of Long Term Integrity of Sealing Materials Ergun Kuru
University of Alberta
40,000 50%
Cement-Casing Pipe Adhesion Strength Testing Proposal David Ewen
Fire Creek Resources Ltd.
197,000 30%
Definitive gas migration testing: Comparative assessment of different gas migration testing techniques and field instrumentation Scott Mundle
University of Windsor
150,000 83%
Assessment of in-situ versus surface methods of gas migration testing Brent Bowerman
Baseline Water Resource Inc.
$95,000 81%
FEED Study for Leaky Well Test Centre Kelly Piers
C-FER Technologies (1999) Inc.
$100,000 47%
Assessment of Use and Integrity of Alternative Cements Todd Zahacy
C-FER Technologies
CAD$90,000 – CAD$110,000 72%
Development of a Guideline for Qualifying New Technologies and Approaches to Remediate Wellbore Leakage Conditions and Achieve Long-term Wellbore Abandonment Reliability Cam Matthews
C-FER Technologies
$100,000 – $150,000 (pending final scope definition) 40%
Methane Emissions – Human and Ecological Health Risk based Ranking and Prioritization Tool Anthony Knafla
Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
$48,000 61%