Water Reuse, Storage and Treatment


Implementing a Technology and Pilot Testing Process for Hydraulic Fracturing Operators


Developing a Scope for a Water Treatment Technology Pilot

Identify Regulatory Challenges for Re-using Produced Water and Flowback in Alberta

Performance Analysis of Engineered Liner Systems Used to Store Saline Fluids in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry: physical and environmental influences


Development of a Risk-based Criteria for the Treatment of Saline Water from Source Wells that Would Allow Storage in Unlined Earthen Pits and Transportation via Overland Pipelines


Fracturing Fluid Flowback Reuse Feasibility Study and Decision Tool

Reuse of Flowback & Produced Water for Hydraulic Fracturing in Tight Oil

Sustainable Frac-Water & Produced Water Treatment & Recycle


Assessment of the Practicality of Reusing Treated Produced Water from Shallow Gas Wells of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin


Beneficial Use: Wastewater Treatment, Storage and Water Reuse

Beneficial Use of Pre-treated Produced Water and Related Salt Impacted Waters Using Advanced Ceramic Membranes


Produced Water Beneficial Re-Use –High TDS Waters

Produced Water Beneficial Re-Use –Low TDS Waters