Integrated Assessment of Water Resources for Unconventional Oil and Gas Plays, West-central Alberta

Brad Hayes, Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.
GL 13-AU-WIPC-01
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The project is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of water sources and disposal zones for the unconventional oil and gas plays of West-central Alberta. Three major sources are assessed: (1) surface waters, (2) unconsolidated sediments and shallow bedrock aquifers, and (3) deep saline bedrock aquifers. In addition, deep zones will be identified where flowback fluids produced waters can be disposed. In Year 1, existing information is being compiled in a GIS-based platform, and a thorough synthesis of this information is being initiated. Data and knowledge gaps will be identified.

Policy Issue
Protection of groundwater quality and quantity during development of unconventional oil and gas resources in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Knowledge Gap
There are dozens of regulations in place to protect groundwater resources during all stages of shale gas, tight gas and tight oil development. However there is little field monitoring to support the understanding that these regulated practices are sufficient to protect local groundwater. Supports CAPP Hydraulic
Fracturing Operating Practice #3: Baseline Groundwater Testing.

Technical Report
Deep Subsurface Aquifers Report
Deep Subsurface Aquifers Report Appendices
Deep Subsurface Aquifers Report Figures
Surface Water Summary Report
Surface Water Allocation and Usage Report
Shallow Groundwater Summary Report
Shallow Groundwater Report Appendices
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2013 Presentation: Project Review