Development of a Risk-based Criteria for the Treatment of Saline Water

Ian Mitchell, Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
GL 09-9211-50

The project is intended to develop risk-based criteria for the treatment and storage of saline water in unlined earthen pits and transportation via overland pipelines in the Pipestone and Gordondale areas of Alberta.

Policy Issue
Assessment of alternate sources of water for unconventional oil and gas development considering the entire life cycle

Knowledge Gap
Upcoming amendments to the Water Conservation and Allocation Policy/Guideline for Oilfield Injection will likely include additional requirements for proponents to consider when applying for licenses to use non?saline water. One of these requirements is likely to complete an environmental net effects assessment of the various water source alternatives. There are no assessment tools developed to complete this evaluation.

Final Report

2013 Presentation: Treatment of Saline Water