Developing scope for treatment technology pilot

Keith Minnich, Third Bay
GL 15-WIPC-05

This project will start to address technical challenges associated with treating flowback, produced or saline water to increase their use during development of unconventional oil and gas (O&G) resources in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. More specifically the objective is to define a set of performance metrics and scope of work for treatment of flowback, saline and produced water to meet water quality specifications for each of the common fluid systems used to hydraulically fracture wells (i.e. slickwater, gelled systems, N2 fracs, etc).

Policy Issue
Assessment of alternative sources and handling of water for unconventional oil and gas development, considering the entire life cycle.

Knowledge Gap
Conduct a pilot-scale analysis to prove up various produced water and flowback treatment technologies with the goal of decreasing handling costs.


2015 Report