Assessment of the Practicality of Reusing Treated Produced Water from Shallow Gas Wells of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

James Douglas, ConocoPhillips Canada Limited
GL 913951

In many areas of the Province the Oil and Gas Industry is under pressure to reduce its use of fresh water (non-saline). This pressure exists in spite of the fact the industry uses less than 10% of the available water supply (both surface and groundwater). The Southern regions of the Province are considered to be in a drought and have been for a number of years. We have seen an increase in costs to access water to drill and complete wells and this will likely continue. Access to water has been further restricted by the Province in the South Saskatchewan River basin and its sub-basins thru the closing of these basins to any new water licenses. These realities will make it challenging in the future to secure water resources to drill and complete oil and gas wells.

2010 Presentation: Project Review