Step 2 – Detailed Application

Step 2 – Detailed Application

Project Overview

Project Lead:

Project Lead Organization / Company Information:

Provide a detailed budget per year for the entire estimated duration of the project that includes a breakdown of the expenses (ensure peer review expenses are included, if appropriate). Provide details regarding leveraged funding including source and amount of funding contributed to the project per year.

Leveraged Funding:

If more detail is required then please note that you can upload additional funding information at the bottom of this form. Please indicate below if funding is Requested / Secured / In-kind.

Project Scope:

Project Schedule with Milestones:

Relevant Expertise of Research Team:

Peer Review and Communication of Results:

Please Note:

Further information can be uploaded as an appendix at the end of this form.
For further information please contact:
Tannis Such Lorie Frei
Director, Environmental Research Initiatives Environmental Research Coordinator
(403) 218-7703 (403) 218-7707
[email protected] [email protected]

Maximum file size: 516MB

If you wish to include any documents to support your application you can upload here.