Soil and Groundwater Application 2017

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
In-Situ Remediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Simon Park
University of Calgary
100000 47%
Degradation of petroleum in soils and wetlands – towards enhanced rhizoremediation Jagos Radovic
University of Calgary
150000 45%
16-SGRC-01 Low Probability Receptor Technical Reports Ian Terry
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd
$170,000 87%
Field screening of soil petroleum hydrocarbons using reflectance spectroscopy. Preston Sorenson
Maapera Analytics Inc.
$30,000.00 49%
A Microfluidic Device for Pathway Analysis of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Neda Nazemifard
University of Alberta
45,000 CDN 47%
Consortium for Permafrost Ecosystems in Transition William Quinton
Wilfrid Laurier University
$35,000 46%
Alternative Management Strategies for Sulphur-Impacted Soils Simone Levy
InnoTech Alberta
Analysis of contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons transport incorporating the effect of groundwater and surface water interaction Yuntong She
University of Alberta
48,000 43%
Regional Approach to Assessment Background Soil Quality Ian Mitchell
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
30,000 71%
Regulatory Approval of Risk Assessment Tools Ian Mitchell
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
$15,000 70%
Wetland Spill Site Microbial Treatment Demonstration David Robinson
3E Remediation Dynamics Inc.
$125,000 35%
Passive In Situ Remediation of Oil Industry Wastewater by Phosphate Biostimulation and Indigenous Photosynthetic Microorganisms Gordon Chua
University of Calgary
$50,000 44%
High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) Carbon Media for Bioremediation in Shallow Fractured Bedrock Sites Contaminated by Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) Jin Tak
InnoTech Alberta (Formerly Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures)
$129,500 48%
BioTiger Robin Brigmon
Savannah River National Labs/Opportunities Group LLC
$180,000 32%
Standardizing Risk Assessment Approaches Based on Residual Mass vs. Numerical Endpoints Miles Tindal
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
$40,000 73%
Fate and Transport Mechanisms for Metals Miles Tindal
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
$50,000 57%
Salt Affected Soils: Quantifying Impacts To Develop Scientifically Based Remediation Criteria For Alberta M Anne Naeth
University of Alberta
150,000 69%
Salt Contaminated Spill Site Treatment System Jason Snydmiller
3E Remediation Dynamics Inc.
$95,000 44%
Tier 2 Standardized Software for Soil and Groundwater Software Risk Assessments Joshua Pinter
$15000 28%
In situ remediation of petroleum contaminated groundwater by persulfate Anh Pham
Carleton University
20000 56%
Alberta ReGeneration Project Solar Pilot Juli Rohl
The Alberta ReGeneration Project
15000 26%
Observation of PHC Migration in Fractured Bedrock Mike London
InnoTech Alberta (formerly AITF)
$212k 38%
Hybrid magnetic-polymer nanoparticle for oil and salts spill remediation Dongyang Li
University of Alberta
$160,000.00 33%
Developing a Water Quality Monitoring Total Solution For the Oil and Gas Industry David Lloyd
FREDsense Technologies
$200,000 28%
A novel strategy to identify willow genotypes that will assist in the reclamation of naphthenic acid impacted soils and wetland environments Douglas Muench
University of Calgary
$45,000 31%
Enhancement of the Biogenic Interference Calculation (BIC) Index to Include the Full Range of Light to Heavy PHC products Francine Kelly-Hooper
CH2M HILL Canada
$90,000 47%
Relative Risk to Soil Dependent Biota Health from Incremental Increases in Soil Chloride Concentrations Anthony Knafla
Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
$35,000 72%
Development of a Chloride Water Quality Guideline Based on Hardness and Consideration for Cation Toxicity Anthony Knafla
Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
$35,000 82%