Regulatory Follow-up for Boron Guideline Finalization

Anthony Knafla / Gregory Huber, Equilibrium Environmental
GL 15-SGRC-10

This project addresses the final regulatory review stage of the Tier 1 guideline update process, and builds upon the draft Tier 1 boron document submitted earlier in 2015 which already incorporated some initial regulatory feedback aspects. Pending ESRD review (currently in progress) of this full submitted draft, any required updates or modifications will be performed through an iterative process anticipated to take 2-3 steps. The overall goal of this regulatory review stage is to have a complete, finalized Tier 1 boron document and supporting appendices for publication on the ESRD website as companions to an updated Tier 1 boron guideline which would be shown in the overall Tier 1 document. The final version of the Tier 1 boron document will be communicated to the public/industry through the ESRD website, as well as various conferences and forums to describe the results, calculation techniques, and test methods so that practitioners can be assessing sites and applying the updated guidelines in an appropriate manner.

Policy Issue
Regulatory Guidelines/Directives/Policies/Criteria

Knowledge Gap

Inorganics (salinity, metals)

  • Natural salt distribution,
  • Fate and transport assessment
  • Appropriate protection of various exposure pathways,
  • SCARG criteria evaluation
  • Risk-based soil quality guidelines for selected trace metals
  • Knowledge on background concentrations of inorganics

2013 Equilibrium Exova_Boron presentation (boreal, update)
2014 Equilibrium_Boron poster
2015 AER_DRAFT Soil Remediation Boron
2016 EQM_Final Boron Guideline Update_Presentation