Re-Evaluation of F2 and F3 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Management Limits

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Management limits for petroleum hydrocarbon fractions were developed to indicate concentrations where factors other than toxicity, such as aesthetics, free-phase formation or explosive hazards, may be of concern. These management limits have been applied as “upset limits” by Alberta Environment and Parks; the management limits for F2 and F3 have been problematic at many sites. However, the scientific basis of the management limits is limited and therefore it is not clear that there is a sound technical rationale for applying the existing management limits as upset limits.

The intent of the proposed project is to document the basis for the management limits, assess the feasibility of establishing management limits based on current science, and develop a path forward for the development of more defensible management limits.

2019 Phase 1 Report
2019 Event Presentation – May 2, 2019
2020 Phase 2 Report


2021 Update:

Soil Contamination with F2 and F3 fraction petroleum hydrocarbons is widespread at upstream oil and gas sites where releases of crude oil or diesel have occurred. Below the depths where the ecological direct contact pathway can be excluded, remedial guidelines for these components are often based on management limits. The Phase 2 work recommended strengthening the scientific rationale for the revised F2 management limits by measuring flux rates of F2 from soil surfaces. Making these measurements will reduce the uncertainty in assessing the trench worker scenario, which is part of the calculation of F2 management limits.


Estimated date of completion: March 2022