Proposed Third Party Review for PTAC SAR Subsoil Guidelines Project

Miles Tindal

A current PTAC project is conducting research to support the development of sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) subsoil guidelines (“Progress Toward Subsoil SAR Guidelines: Synthesis of Leaching Column and Transport Modelling Work” Huber et al., presented in a poster at the March 2012 PTAC soil and groundwater forum.) This is a much-needed initiative which could significantly facilitate the closure of sites with produced water releases that have migrated into subsoil, if eventually adopted by Alberta Environment.

This submission is an offer to provide an independent third party peer review for the above noted project, should this be desired by the AUPRF funding committee. The proposed reviewer, Miles Tindal, has extensive experience working with Alberta Environment developing guideline protocols, and also in conducting PTAC research projects, some of which involve developing guidelines for subsoil.

2014 MEMS_Third Party Review Report