Muskeg, Peatlands, or Wetlands

2018-2019 Evaluation of Reclamation Practices on Forested Upland and Peatland Well Sites

2016 Understanding Characterizing the Influence of Clay Pads on Toluene Biogenesis in Peatlands

2011 Plant Toxicity Study for Boron in Peat/Muskeg Ecosystems

  • Relevant documents integrated into those linked under the 2012 and 2015 Boron Projects

2011 Vegetative and Soil Mesofaunal Changes at Boreal Peatland Field Sites from Produced Water Spills: Implication for the Environmental Assessment and Remediation of Upstream Oil and Gas Sites

2010 Evaluating the Ecotoxicity of PHC F3 in Peat Soils versus Mineral Soils

2009 Development of Assessment and Remediation Approaches for Salt Releases to Peatlands in Western Canada

2008 Development of Risk-based Environmental Assessment and Remediation Guidelines for Salt Releases to Muskeg and Other Wetlands Settings

2007 Distinguishing Natural vs Petroleum F3 Hydrocarbons in Oil Spill Impacted Muskeg Material

2003 Ecotoxicity Risk Assessment of Hydrocarbon Residuals in Bioremediated Oil-Contaminated Clay Soils

2002 Native Vegetation/Wetland Inventory and GIS Mapping: Parkland Natural

2001 Treatment Of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Water Using Constructed Wetlands Phase 3

2001 Plant Uptake And Degradation Of Process Chemicals And Hydrocarbons in Wetlands