MAGG (Methanol, Glycol, Amines)

2008 Remediation Guidelines for Diethyelene Glycol and Triethylene Glycol

2008 Remediation Guidelines for Monoethanolamine and Diethanolamine

2008 Remediation Guidelines for Methanol

2008 Methods/Refinement for the Analytical Protocols for Methanol, Amines and Glycols

2006 Methanol, Amines, and Glycols Guideline (MAGG) Project

2006 Ecotoxicity Evaluation of Amines, Glycols and Methanol to Soil Organisms

2006 Acute Toxicity of Monothanolamine, Diethanolamine, Diethylene Glycol and Triethylene Glycol to Rainbow Trout, Daphnia Magna and Hyalella Azteca

2005 Toxicity Testing for Methanol, Amine, and Glycol Quality Guideline Development