Additional Projects

2021 Remote Sensing Tools

2021 Soil and Groundwater Guideline Calculator

2021 Data Collection & Analysis of Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) Associated with Drilling Waste Disposal Locations

2021 Low Probability Receptor Demonstration Project

2020 Regulatory Approval of Risk Tools

2019 Data Collection Analysis of Phase 2 ESAs Associate to Drilling Waste Compliance Option Triggers

2018-2020 Standardizing Risk Assessment Approaches base on Residual Mass vs. Numerical Endpoints

2017 -2020 Low Probability Receptor

2015 Identifying, Characterizing and Addressing Soil and Groundwater Issues related to SCF and Other Types of Natural Gas Migration

2013 Using Laboratory Saturation Percentages to Estimate Soil Texture

2013 Residual Saturation, Fire/Explosion Hazard and Hydrophobicity

2011 The Modern Practices of Hydraulic Fracturing: A Focus on Canadian Resources

2009 Emergency Surface Water Pond Treatment 

2008 Chemical and Isotopic Characterization of Water and Dissolved Gases in Shallow Aquifers in the Vicinity of Coal Bed Methane Operations in Alberta

2004 Reclaimed Soil Quality Benchmark Study

2002 Remote Alarm and Monitoring System (RAMS) for Water Well Operation Monitoring

2002 Development of a protocol for site-specific risk assessment and identification of  plant species sensitive to flare emissions using physiological and biochemical tests

2002 Book-Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of Fuel Storage Tank

2002 Direct Feed Pipe Plow

2002 Determine the effect of oil sand mining by-products

2001 Environmental Conditions and Performance of Oil and Gas Sumps in Permafrost

2001 Monitored Natural Attenuation for Upstream Oil and Gas

2000 Hydrophobic Soils: Site Characterization and Tests of Hypotheses Concerning their Formation