Final Phase – Guideline Derivation for Soil Salinity Below the Root Zone

Anthony Knafla

This proposal describes work required for completing a final phase for the development of subsoil salinity guidelines in Alberta and finalizing the beta version subsoil salinity software tool for submission to Alberta Environment. The scope of work in this proposal includes:

  • Two rollout workshops (in Red Deer, Alberta) for assisting industry (proponents, regulators, and consulting groups) with using the subsoil salinity beta version software tool;
  • Technical resource to provide industry with assistance in trouble shooting problems encountered with the use of the tool (e.g., software conflicts, scenarios not addressed by the tool, etc.);
  • Database management of input and output forms from the software tool, generated by industry, to assist in identifying scenarios/situations where the software tool was used successfully and where problems were encountered;
  • Revisions to the beta software tool to insure the majority of situations/scenarios in Alberta are addressed; and,
  • Summary report to ERAC highlighting situations whether the software tool was implemented successfully, problems encountered, and revisions made to address these problems.

Since final implementation of the software tool is expected to be completed by Alberta Environment as part of the release of subsoil salinity guidelines in Alberta, it is expected any further funding that is required would be provided by Alberta Environment. Additional costs associated with industry training above and beyond the two rollout workshops described above are expected to be borne by individual companies and direct training of employees and consulting groups.

2007 EQM_Salt Fate and Tranport Tool Development