B.C. Salt Guidelines

Adrian Bakker, Imperial Oil Resources

  • BC Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parks is beginning a project to develop guidelines for remediation of salt-impacted sites in BC. There are currently no such guidelines in BC.
  • Potential multimillion dollar issue to CAPP members, depending on numerical criteria and management framework selected for the guidelines. There is the potential that guidelines developed in BC will be then considered and perhaps adopted by other provinces.  Alberta and Saskatchewan have recently issued draft salt remediation guidelines, but did not conduct as much research and technical review as BC is proposing for their project.

It is recommended that CAPP participate as a technical advisor to the project management team, with the objective of promoting scientifically-defensible, risk-based guidelines, preferably specific to generic land uses, soil types and soil depths, with an option for development of site-specific risk-based criteria.

2000 BC Salt_Proposal