2012 Assessment of the Environmental Significance of Vapour Emissions During Ex Situ Remediation Activities Compared to Landfill Disposal, 2012 Update

Volatile emissions resulting from onsite ex situ remediation activities have the potential to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, as well as potentially impacting ambient air for humans or sensitive ecological receptors. Currently, the magnitude of these emissions is not well understood, but due to international, national and provincial requirements, an understanding of these emissions is necessary.

The proposed project is an evaluation of potential emissions from ex situ remediation activities and a comparison with emissions resulting from offsite transport to landfills and to the overall emissions from the oil and gas industry. Based on the results of a literature review, a model will be developed to predict volatile emissions during ex situ remediation activities, including emissions of petroleum hydrocarbons and other volatile organic chemicals, as well as particulate and criteria air pollutants. Sampling of emissions may be undertaken in a future year to confirm and calibrate the model results. An analysis of the potential environmental impacts of ex situ remediation versus landfill disposal will be conducted.

Meridian_Vapour Emissions
2011 Meridian_Vapour Emissions
2012 Meridian_Vapour During Exsitu Remedial Activities compared to Landfill Disposal