2008 Boron Risk-Based Soil Criteria Development, New Findings towards Boron Soil Criteria Adjustment

Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental Inc.

As plants are more sensitive to boron than humans or livestock there is a more narrow range between deficiency and toxicity to be determined. Evaluated by yield reduction or toxicity symptoms plant toxicity is more strongly influenced by solution boron than HWS boron. Solution boron is measured with the “saturated paste? test, this test represents boron dissolved in pore water. Also referred to as “soil solution” boron, the test is easier for labs to perform as there is no heating involved and it can be tested simultaneously with salinity. Soil solution boron in mg/L is the most useful as it is similar to irrigation water concentrations, it can be corrected to field moisture conditions, can be used for transport modeling and can be compared to plant sensitivity data.

2008 EQM_Boron Presentation