2000 Assessment of Fraction Specific Toxicity and Derivation of Recommended Soil Quality Guidelines for Crude Oil in Agricultural/Grassland Soils

PHCs priority for soil quality guideline development (CCME 1996). Soil-dependent organisms identified as key receptors.
• Alberta Tier I clean-up standard (1000 mg/kg) not risk-based; lack of ecotoxicity and exposure data to establish risk-based clean-up standards for PHCs.
• Laboratory and field-based effects testing to necessary to use weight-of evidence approach for guideline development.
• Unknown if lab bioassays reflect receptor response in the field.

Objectives for Phase I were to fractionate a “fresh” reference crude oil (Federated crude) into ecologically relevant fractions. To determine the ecotoxicity of the crude oil mixture and crude oil fractions using a standardized battery of terrestrial toxicity tests.

Objectives for Phase II were to determine if fresh and weathered PHCs exceeding 1000 mg/kg dwt are an environmental risk and impair soil physical, chemical, biological properties. To collect field data to support laboratory bioassays and CCME (2001) PHC guidelines. Address plants, soil fauna, microorganisms, nutrient cycling processes. To collect field data for “weight-of-evidence” in reconsideration of CCME 2001 Tier 1 guidelines for eco-contact in surface soils.

Objectives for Phase III were to determine stability of F2, F3 and F4 PHC
residuals 2 and 3 years after oil application. Re-evaluate crop growth and soil fauna response to PHC residuals in the field. Assess chronic toxicity of PHC residuals to plant and soil fauna growth and reproduction in the lab with long-term (14-65d) bioassays.

1998 Assessment of fraction specific toxicity and derivation of recommended soil quality guidelines
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