Soil and Groundwater Guideline Calculator

Natalie Shelby-James, InnoTech Alberta


Challenges with regulatory guidelines often lead to high costs, multi-year timelines and difficulties in reaching regulatory closure. Challenges are often experienced in correctly applying generic Alberta Tier 1 Soil and Groundwater Remediation guidelines (AEP, 2019), which are modified based on numerous factors, such as historical activity carried out at the site, site location, sub-area within the site, depth of soil, and the chemical parameter of concern itself. As a result, while these generic guidelines are intended as a screening tool, in practice many environmental professionals do not apply these generic guidelines correctly, and/or use them as the final end point for the site instead of modifying the guidelines (Tier 2) to create risk-based endpoints. This results in excess soil remediation costs, unnecessary installation of groundwater monitoring wells (with subsequent monitoring and reporting efforts), and extended timelines to reach regulatory closure – or the complete inability to meet closure criteria.


Estimated date of completion: March 2022