Background Metals and Salinity Database and Analysis Tool

Natalie Shelby-James, InnoTech Alberta


One of the highest research and innovation priorities for member PTAC AUPRF and environmental consultants is to more effectively identify background salt and metals concentrations in Alberta. The Project will work with users of background soil data to:
– Create a geodatabase of existing soils data,
– Develop a predictive background soil mapping geo-system (targeted, phased approach), and
– Develop a web application to house and enable use of the geodatabase.

Benefits for industry:
• Avoiding replication of data collection, reducing costs and increasing certainty.
• Providing empirical evidence of background concentrations and natural variability.
• More accurate (and lower) liability estimates by excluding naturally elevated parameters.
• Increasing ability to focus resources on managing actual risk to receptors.
• Reducing liability by moving ‘stalled’ sites to regulatory closure.
• Reducing time for reclamation certification.

Workshop Report

Estimated date of completion: December 2022