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Request for Proposals
The PTAC Air Research Planning Committee (ARPC), with funding support from AUPRF, is seeking proposals that address current knowledge gaps to provide additional science/knowledge to support emissions reductions and future regulatory development. AUPRF is a unique collaborative platform between the Alberta Energy Regulator, the Government of Alberta and industry.  The ARPC also includes stakeholder representation from Environment Climate Change Canada, BC Oil and Gas Commission, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources.

PTAC is seeking proposals to execute projects in the following categories. Please click on links below to view the RFPs:

PTAC Air Research Planning Committee – Request for Proposals Q&A Document

The deadline for submission to PTAC is May 16, 2021 via the online Application Form. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, but require more time please let us know to request an extension.

PTAC is a neutral facilitator of multi-stakeholder industry research and technology development projects and PTAC staff will not screen, evaluate or make decisions on the review of proposals and selection of projects. The AUPRF Program provides an effective mechanism for industry and government to coordinate and collaborate on the formulation and delivery of strategic environmental research and innovation.

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