2017 Optimization of Cost-Effective and Functionally Effective Vegetation Management Solutions for Forest Reclamation

2013 We Have a Reclamation Certificate, But is it Good Enough? Long-term Reclamation Monitoring of Oil and Gas Footprints

2012 Strategies Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reclamation Success on Native Landscapes

2007 Identifying Key Native Species and Efficient Strategies for Revegetating Sensitive Landscapes: Oil Sand Areas, Saline Areas, Boreal Forest and Foothills Regions

2004 Development of Drought Tolerant/Salt Tolerant Native Grass, Forb and Legume Ecotypes for Use on Disturbed Land in the Prairies and Boreal Forest

2001 Review of Revegetation Practices for Oil and Gas Disturbances in Western Canada 

Boreal Ecosystems

2016 Development of remote sensing techniques for regional reclamation monitoring of peatlands in Alberta

2015 Assessing Peatland Restoration Success to Meet Alberta’s Peatland Reclamation Criteria (NAIT Boreal Research Institute)

2010-2015 Removing the Wellsite Footprint, Phase II: Wetland Reclamation:

2004-2009 Removing the Wellsite Footprint- Phase I: Upland

Prairie and Parkland Ecosystems

2013 Updated Industrial Revegetation Guidelines for the Mixed Grass Prairie Natural Subregion

2011-2013 Long-term Revegetation Success of Industry Reclamation Techniques in the Northern Fescue Natural Subregion

2011 When is reclamation success achieved, using the 2010 Reclamation Criteria as a guide?

2010 Long Term Revegetation Success of Industry Reclamation Techniques for Native Prairie

2009-2010 Strategies for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reclamation Successes on Native Landscapes,

2003-2006 Native Species and Revegetating Oil and Gas Disturbances in the Sandy Soils of the Parkland EcoRegion of Alberta

Foothills Ecosystem

2011-2013 Evaluating the Revegetation Success of Foothills Fescue Grassland