Quantification of Methane Emissions in Stationary Natural Gas Engine Exhaust And Best Management Practices for Mitigation

Project Progress up to February 07 2023

Current goals:

Funding timing constraints required by CanERIC has stipulated certain progress for their funding by the end of March. We agreed to complete the theory portion and test 20 engines by that deadline. Our progress in January is described below.

Factors affecting emissions

Describe combustion theory and what elements are present in the exhaust. Complete
Identify relationships between NOx and C1, CO, CO2. Complete
Describe how the various engine management systems can determine the exhaust components and unburned methane contribution. Complete
Identify the aspects that will determine the behavior of the combustion process. Complete
Describe crankcase blowby theory and what elements are contributing to the emissions. Complete
Provide a summary of OEM systems available to reduce crankcase emissions. Complete
Discuss ingestive and non-ingestive systems for crankcase emissions. Complete
Identify regulatory aspects for methane emissions. Complete
Discuss USA vs Canadian regulatory aspects for methane emissions. Started
Provide a summary of unburned methane content based on OEM published data. Started
Explain the technologies available to reduce or capture unburned methane emissions. Started


We estimate the theory portion to be 90% complete.

Internal peer review required for the above report.

Field testing

  • Number of companies approached – 56
  • Number of companies that responded with willingness to participate – 22
  • Establishing engines of interest from participants – this has been a manual effort in many companies sent their entire engine list (uncategorized)
  • Engine test scheduling – after selecting engines of interest, reaching out to companies to confirm a testing date and gather engine background data
  • Draft of Testing Procedure – will be finalized Feb 3
  • Draft of Field Data Sheet – will be finalized Feb 3
  • First 20 engines scheduled in February and March:

Best management practices


Not started


Invoiced for December: $8,600

Fees for January: waiting for invoices from Spartan and Signet (not $81,845)

Forecast for first quarter

Activity December 2022 January 2023 February 2023 March 2023 Row Totals
Theory Discussion $5,500 $35,750 $17,900 $17,900 $77,050
Field testing $0 $38,795 $77,579 $77,579 $193,953
Project Management $3,100 $7,300 $7,300 $7,300 $25,000
Total fees and expenses $8,600 $81,845 $102,756 $102,756 $296,003