Proposal for PTAC Fugitive Emission Management Program Effectiveness Assessment

Project Title: Proposal for PTAC Fugitive Emission Management Program Effectiveness Assessment
Project Lead: Mr. Wei Zhou Email: [email protected]

Project Lead Organization / Company Information:
Organization: Grid Environment Ltd.

1. Statement of Capabilities of Project Team:

Grid Environment Ltd. (“the firm”) was incorporated in October 2015 and is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The firm provides professional fugitive emission (FE) and air quality services to numerous oil and gas, and industrial chemical plants implementing FE surveys. Team members at Grid Environment have over 30 years combined experience carrying out LDAR, DI&M and fugitive emissions surveys for upstream and downstream facilities using EPA Method 21 (portable Toxic Vapor Analyzers (TVAs)), ultrasound, OGI (Optical Gas Imaging- infrared Camera), and quantification methods such as bagging and Hi-Flow Sampling, Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS), and AVO. Projects include technical studies, data collection and analysis, software development and authoring final reports to clients. More information is available in section 1 and Appendix I of the attached proposal.

2. Project management and control information:

The overall project director and financial manager will be Wei Zhou. The assistant project manager will be Omar Hurtado.
Leads for study design, literature review, field sampling, data analysis and reporting are provided in Table 2 of the attached proposal.

Estimated work hours and hourly rates/unit rates for field works can also be found in section 2 of the attached proposal.

3. Project Plan (Scope & Deliverables):

The key to successfully carrying out Phase 1 is to complete a thorough and comprehensive literature review to identify gaps and collect necessary data. This will be completed by contacting regulatory authorities, internet research and performing statistical analysis on data. Grid Environment will also rely on experience to complete the FE literature review. The outcome is to generate research questions or issues that will be investigated and answered in Phase 2 .
The deliverables for the project includes the following:
• Phase 1- A report on the research carried out to design the field study and a preliminary field study
• Phase 2- A final report for Phase 2 with recommendations for a potential Phase 3 and a presentation for the PTAC Air Issues Forum
More information are available in section 3 of the attached proposal.

Due to page limitations, we did not include an exhaustive list of planned approach and relevant literatures in our proposal. We can provide upon request.

4. Budget & Payment Schedule:

Proposed budget for phase I: $64,004
Proposed budget for phase II: $240,708
details can be found in section 4 of the attached proposal.

Payment schedule: monthly

5. References:

Leili Chepelkevitch, Manager at Paramount Resources,[email protected], office: 403.290.3609
Patrick Roelofsen, Manager at Enbridge, Inc, [email protected], Office: 403.699.1937
Meghan Portz,Environmental Specialist at Kinder Morgan, [email protected] Meghan Portz, office: 403.514.6579


FEMP Rating

Capability of the team in terms of relevance to this project – sections #1, #3, #5 of the proposal apply (35%)

Ability to produce a scientifically credible project design, which will ultimately provide meaningful data and will assist with the informed-decision making/policy framework development process. (45%)

Quality of the proposal (20%)