Project Summary, Milestones, Payment Schedule and Quarterly Update Reports

Report Date (Q3 October 1 – December 31, 2022)

Project Summary

Project Title: The Alberta Background Soil Quality System – Phase 1
Lead Investigator: Emily Herdman or Ron J. Thiessen – InnoTech Alberta
AUPRF Managed Funds Award Amount: $75,000
PTAC Technical Champion: Rick Rohl/Sonia Glubish
GL #: 20-RRRC-11
Other Funding Amounts and Sources: $75,000 (CRIN)

$123,000 (InnoTech Alberta)

Start Date: July 1, 2021
Completion Date: March 31, 2023
Final Report Due Date: March 15, 2023

Provide a brief description of the challenges this project aims to address and how industry and others will benefit including what the anticipated impact is. (i.e., cost reductions, improved environmental performance, impact on regulation, enhanced access to resources). (Maximum 150 words or less)

One of the highest research and innovation priorities for PTAC AUPRF members and environmental consultants is to more effectively identify background salt and metals concentrations in Alberta.

The Project will work with users of background soil data to:

–          Create a geodatabase of existing soils data (Phase 1).

Subsequent Project Phases include development of:

–          a predictive background soil mapping geo-system (targeted, phased approach), and

–          a web application to house and enable use of the geodatabase.


Table 1 – List key milestones with invoicing schedule.

Milestone Expenditures[1] Fiscal Quarter[2],A
1 – Contract Signing -$50,000 Q3 2021/22
2- Acquisition of soil data completed  -$15,000 Q2 2022/23
3 – Phase 1 Completion $10,000 Q4 2022/23
Total PTAC Budget $75,000
Total Remaining to invoice $10,000

Quarterly Update

Exception Highlight for the Quarter:

(any exceptions to the original project scope, timelines, payment schedule OR early significant findings) – this can be left blank if no changes are needed, and do not include exceptions already reported

1.       AMENDMENT No 2 – Extension to the Project completion date – March 31, 2023, was signed on November 24, 2022.

2.       Phase 1 deliverables have been delayed slightly as a result in the change in leadership for this project. Reports are expected to be shared with the Technical Steering Committee in early February 2023.

3.       Final invoicing for project will be delayed until Q4 2022/23 as per change in agreement.

Update on scope, key questions, gap analysis and work performed this quarter (include any requests for assistance to PTAC or the committees)

o   Salinity and metals reports have been drafted and are currently under review. Reports will be shared with Technical Steering Committee in early February 2023.

o   We propose a Technical Steering Committee be held in early February 2023 to provide an update on the completion of Phase 1 and discuss Phase 2 and 3 planning.

o   A request to CRIN (Clean Resources Innovation Network), funding partner, to change the project schedule for Phase 1 completion from December 31, 2022, to March 31, 2023, was filed for CRIN on November 24, 2022. Approval expected shortly.


Table 2 Q3 2022/23 Budget Summary Update

Revenue Expenditures
Total Budget Total Budget Expenditures to date1 Project charges this quarter Variance of budget to actuals to date Forecasted Total Project Budget Variance of total budget to forecast
$273,000 $212,189 $51,189 78% spent2 $273,000 0

1Note – total budget expenditures do not include amounts yet to be invoiced by subcontractors

2Extension to research agreement granted to March 31, 2023.

Variance analysis (includes changes to invoicing schedule)

  1. This research agreement is based on a fixed-price contract.
    1. Invoicing schedule outlined in Table 1 (milestone 3) has been changed since the previous update due to delays explained in the research agreement extension.

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE    $273,000 – Phase 1__
(Value equals the total funds committed to date for all years)

1st Year Funding (2021/22)            $116,303
Confirmed Funders:
NRCan $ AEP $ CanERIC $
TIER $ CRIN $ AUPRF $50,000
MITAC $ AMEP $ InnoTech Alberta $66,303
2nd Year Funding               $­­­­­­156,697
Confirmed Funders:
NRCan $ AEP $ CanERIC $
TIER $ CRIN $75,000 AUPRF $25,000
MITAC $ AMEP $ InnoTech Alberta $56,697
3rd Year Funding               $­­­­­­TBD
Confirmed Funders:
NRCan $ AEP $ CanERIC $
MITAC $ AMEP $ Other $


[1] All expenditures in Canadian dollars and must exclude GST and other applicable taxes

[2] Quarters are based on fiscal calendar e.g., Q3 2021/22 is Oct-Dec 2021