List of Soil and Groundwater Projects – Step 2

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Database of Background Metals Concentrations in Shallow Alberta Groundwater Miles Tindal
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
$60,000 83%
Alberta-Specific Transport Properties for Metals in Soil Miles Tindal
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
$50,000 73%
Development of a Chloride Water Quality Guideline Based on Hardness and Consideration for Cation Toxicity Anthony Knafla
Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
$98,000 81%
Development of EcoContact Soil Selenium Guidelines Anthony Knafla
Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
$86,560 (increased by $7,000 over LOI) 73%
Understanding and characterizing the influence of clay pads on toluene biogenesis in peatlands. Mark Beasse
Solstice Canada Corp.
$51,735.00 57%
Natural toluene in peatlands: mechanism of formation, variability in production, and defining the biogenic source Court Sandau
Chemistry Matters Inc.
$171,850 58%
RFP SGRC-1601: Develop a Mass Flux Reduction by Mass Removal Model (mass flux replaced by remediation endpoints) to Demonstrate Remediation Success and Protection of Applicable Receptors. John Banks
Matrix Solutions Inc.
$66,146.20 0%