List of Ecological Projects – Step 2

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Grizzly Bear Survival in Oil and Gas Operating Areas Gordon Stenhouse
Foothills Research Institute
$69,000.00 80%
Assessing disease prevalence and caribou health in west-central and north-western Alberta Laura Finnegan
fRI Research
40,000 72%
Efficient monitoring of wildlife responses to seismic line restoration in the Algar Habitat Restoration Program Cole Burton
Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF)
75000 77%
White-tailed deer behavioural response to anthropogenic features Jason Fisher
Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
$45,000 75%
Does recovery linear features increase functional habitat for caribou? Laura Finnegan
fRI Research
30000 87%
Canada Warbler response to vegetation structure on recovering energy sector disturbances Erin Bayne
University of Alberta
$35,280 73%
Does energy sector disturbance create habitat for Yellow Rails? Erin Bayne
University of Alberta
28560 65%
Internet of Things for Environmental Monitoring (IoT-EM): A Open Geospatial Internet of Things (IoT) Sensing and Mapping Platform for Environmental Monitoring Steve Liang
University of Calgary Department of Geomatics Engineering
$55’000 63%
Rare Plant Surveying Standard and Mitigation Framework Peter Whitehead
Cape Ecology Ltd
$125,920.00 48%
Watershed-Scale Cumulative Effects Assessment of Fish and Fish Habitat Responses to Upstream Oil and Gas Development Vince Palace
Stantec Consultants Ltd.
$75,000 CAD 31%
University of Alberta
31,024 70%
Assessing and mitigating exposure of non-target wildlife to pest control products in resource extraction areas of Alberta to enhance environmental performance. Bruce Pauli
Environment and Climate Change Canada
$33,000 63%
Improving the efficiency of field-level bryophyte identification for peatland reclamation certification John Potter
Solstice Canada Corp.
$18 480 39%
Efficacy of Peatland Reclamation on Well Sites: Lessons from Early Applied Research Trials Bin Xu
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
64020 78%
Development of Remote Sensing Techniques for Regional Reclamation Monitoring of Peatlands in Alberta Mark Kapfer
55,000 (a detailed budget and justification in Appendix-1, pages 13-14) 70%
Evaluating genomic diversity for caribou in Alberta to allow for effective biodiversity monitoring, augmentation and conservation Marco Musiani
University of Calgary
$59,858 63%
Monitoring Wetland Vegetation and Reclamation Across Space and Time Jonah Keim
Matrix Solutions Inc.
$43,503 72%