Hydropti: A decision support tool for water management in oil and gas unconventional plays

Alberto Alva-Argaez, Process Ecology Inc.

Hydropti is a web-based software system that has been designed to support the efficient allocation of water resources for hydraulic fracturing operations. Hydropti is an innovative decision support software tool that has been designed to help the oil & gas industry identify optimal water management strategies for hydraulic fracturing operations. The software is accessed via a modern web browser and the user defines the drilling and completions schedule, potential water sources, required volumes, disposal and storage options and cost information. The tool implements powerful optimization algorithms to explore all permutations in the system and identifies the lowest cost water management plan. Users can apply risk-based analysis via Monte Carlo simulation to evaluate the impact of uncertain parameters. Optimal locations for water storage can also be identified easily. By comparing alternative development schedules, users can determine the likelihood of water shortages. Alternative plans can also be explored with ease. Hydropti helps to drive down cost and maximize water efficiency. Hydropti assists Water Management Coordinators who need to ensure water is available to frac wells at minimum cost by radically reducing the time and effort required to explore water management scenarios and enabling the definition of water management plans with minimum overall impact (economic, environmental, social) as well as increased confidence in the results since all options have been evaluated.