Fugitive Emission Management Program Effectiveness Assessment

Project Title: Fugitive Emission Management Program Effectiveness Assessment
Project Lead: Mr. Peter Tkalec Email: [email protected]

Project Lead Organization / Company Information:
Organization: AECOM Canada Ltd

1. Statement of Capabilities of Project Team:

Our project manager, Peter Tkalec, is a senior air quality engineer registered in Alberta with extensive pollution measurement experience, experience in managing larger multidisciplinary projects, and familiarity with environmental regulations and regulatory interactions in Alberta and other jurisdictions in Canada.

Mark Modrak has extensive experience characterizing diffuse emission sources using a variety of measurement techniques for upstream oil and gas clients. Mark is a Senior Meteorologist based in AECOM’s Austin, TX office with over 15 years of experience in managing and executing air monitoring projects. He has overseen 30+ emissions measurement projects utilizing optical remote sensing methods and the Vertical Radial Plume Mapping (VRPM) method to characterize emissions from area sources such as landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and other industrial sources.

Matt Harrison is a Vice President at AECOM with more than 30 years of experience spanning from industry operations to construction management to environmental and air quality services. Matt is a Senior GHG Technical Expert and is responsible for teams that provide air and GHG emissions inventory and protocol development, field research, regulatory compliance, and emission reduction strategies.

Terri Lauderdale has more than 25 years of experience in air emission inventory projects and technical services for energy industry clients. Terri a Senior GHG Technical Expert and is a Regional Leader in AECOM’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions practice and is widely known for her expertise in GHG emission inventory and protocol development, emission verification, and emission reduction strategies.

For detailed information of project team members’ experience, please refer to Appendix A of the attached proposal.

2. Project management and control information:

Peter Tkalec will be the project manager and will be responsible for the project delivery, schedule, deliverables, and project financial management.
Mark Modrak is a senior meteorologist, and will be the Technical Lead responsible for the literature review.
Matt Harrison is a senior GHG technical expert, and will be the Technical Lead responsible for the field program.
Terri Lauderdale is a senior GHG technical Expert, and will be the Technical Lead responsible for data analysis and reporting.

The technical leads will participate in all phases and tasks of the project. Expected level of effort (hours) and hourly rates are summarized in the Cost Estimate in Appendix B of the attached Proposal.

3. Project Plan (Scope & Deliverables):

AECOM has a strong understanding of current and emerging leak detection methodology, and has worked with clients and regulators on a wide variety of fugitive emissions measurement projects. Our approach is outlined in Section 2.0 of the attached Proposal.

4. Budget & Payment Schedule:

AECOM’s proposed budget is provided in Section 5.0 and further detailed in Appendix B of the attached Proposal. The proposed schedule is shown in Section 4.0 of the attached Proposal.

5. References:

The following client references can attest to the high quality work AECOM has conducted in diffuse emission measurement and the execution of complex field studies.

1. Dan Burt, Specialist – GHG
Enterprise Technical – Environmental Engineering
Suncor Energy Business Services
Ph. 403-296-5009

2. Jasmine Urisk
Canadian Energy Partnership for Environmental Innovation
75 Wimbledon Road, Guelph, Ontario;
Phone: 519-836-3739
Email: [email protected]

3. Mr. Changyong Zhang
Environmental Technology Section
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
22777 Springwoods Village Pkwy
Science 1, 5A.345
Spring, TX 77389

Attachments: https://auprf.ptac.org/wp-content/uploads/formidable/FINAL-2017-10-30-PROP-PTAC-Fugitive-Emission-Management-Program-Effectiveness-Assessment-OPP-721203.pdf

FEMP Rating

Capability of the team in terms of relevance to this project – sections #1, #3, #5 of the proposal apply (35%)

Ability to produce a scientifically credible project design, which will ultimately provide meaningful data and will assist with the informed-decision making/policy framework development process. (45%)

Quality of the proposal (20%)