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Vendor Name, Contact and Position Company Email Ranking Percentage
Clarke Valve CNRL [email protected] 66%
President and CEO
Chevron Canada Resources [email protected] 63%
Simultaneous Evaluation of Tank Vents and Fugitives and Enclosed Combustor Performance and Installation Costs. Wayne Hillier for Sean Heibert
AB Manager
CAPP [email protected] 82%
Challenger Kyle Lamoureux
Geologist/Business Development
Imperial [email protected] 66%
IJACK Tim Beals
Business Development
PTAC [email protected] 63%
Questor Audrey Mascarenhas
PTAC [email protected] 63%
Qnergy – Stirling engines for pneumatics or elec gen Dominic Pituch
Sr Applications Engineer
PTAC [email protected] 76%
Black Gold Rush Industries Ltd. (on behalf of Ovintiv Canada ULC) Dallas Rosevear
General Manager
Ovintiv Canada ULC (Ovintiv) [email protected] 80%
EcoVapor – capture of methane, conversion of oxygen Jeff Wilson
Dir., Product Mgmt.
PTAC [email protected] 68%
Aleph Sciences Group Jeffrey Newton
CNRL [email protected] 54%
Lutech (electric power generation, with a use case to mine cryptocurrencies) Ray Wong
PTAC [email protected] 48%
Ray Wong
Schooner [email protected] 0%
Crusoe Energy Systems (electrical power for data centres) Cully Cavness
PTAC [email protected] 58%
Cadenza Partners. Ltd. (nano material catalysts for oxidizing methane) Erik Scher
PTAC [email protected] 60%
Siluria, Lummus Technology (gas to products such as ethylene and propylene) Edward Katende
Senior Business Line Manager
PTAC [email protected] 54%
Metan Group LLC John Nurkowski
Principal Owner
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. [email protected] 70%
Horizon Power Systems (microturbine power generation) Marco Eijckelhoff
BD, Account Manager
NAL [email protected] 59%
Capstone Turbine (microturbine power generation) Gord Olson
Director Business Development, Canada
NAL [email protected] 64%
V-Tech Energy Solutions Inc. (mini-compression) Rory Thackeray
Oilfield Sales
NAL [email protected] 67%
Project Canary Inc. (methane detectors) Charlie Losche
Operations Manager
Cenovus [email protected] 74%
Alternative Cement Products (products to stop SCVF, GM) Shawn Forster
Chair of Well Abandonment Research Initiative
Husky/WARI [email protected] 70%
NeoCtech Corp. (creation of syngas from methane) Mohammad Latifi
Co-founder and director
NeoCtech Corp. [email protected] 52%
Prosaris Solutions Ltd. (ultrasonic leak detection) Colin Sewell
President and Managing Director
Prosaris Solutions Ltd. [email protected] 81%
Calscan Solutions Henri Tessier
Managing Partner
Calscan Solutions [email protected] 78%
Gas Technologies (conversion to methanol, ethanol and condensate) Walter CNRL [email protected] 46%
LCO Technologies (compressor to pull tank vent or other LP gas) Steve Froehler
LCO Technologies [email protected] 77%
Packair Industries Inc. (very efficient compressor, to provide air for pneumatic devices) Cam Buss
Managing Director
Packair Industries Inc. [email protected] 79%
Global Power Technology (methane used to generate electricity which powers an air compressor for pneumatics) Neil D’Souza
Integrated Systems Engineer_
Global Power Technologies [email protected] 74%
Orcan Energy Julian Lechner
Manager Business Development
Orcan [email protected] 56%
U of A, Fourien Sensors Rafiq Ahmad
Assistant Professor
U of A [email protected] 61%
Kathairos – Liquid Nitrogen to power pneumatics (include with compressors) Amanda Hehr
VP Government Relations
Kaithairos Solutions Inc. [email protected] 51%
Sarva Bio Remed, LLC (bacteria to consume methane) Satya Ganti
President and CEO
Sarva Bio Remed, LLC [email protected] 44%
FERST Environmental Inc. – vacuum on surface casing to central compressor John Allen
FERST [email protected] 66%
Electrical ShowDown (comparison testing for electrical generation equipment) Larry Frederick
Project manager
PTAC [email protected] 72%
Velvet Energy – test of pneumatic destruction devices Scott James
VP Capital Execution
Velvet Energy [email protected] 80%
Ventbusters – meter to measure very low methane rates Rob Layher
Ventbusters [email protected] 57%
Telops (world leader in infrared detection of methane) Sylvain Gatti
Business Development
Telops [email protected] 80%
MESSCO (catalytic oxidation) Bernie Claydon
Consulting Engineer Technology and Project Development
MESSCO [email protected] 56%
24/7 Compression Ltd. Ralph Hartman
Operations Lead
24/7 [email protected] 69%
Total Combustion Inc. Julie Wiseman
VP Operations
Total Combustion Inc. [email protected] 0%
Variable Speed Hydraulics (pumpjacks/casing gas), Cream Energy Morgan Daisley
Business Development
Variable Speed Hydraulics Inc. [email protected] 0%
MERC Systems Inc. Mike Eddy
MERC [email protected] 0%