List of Ecological Projects

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
University of Alberta
$33,720 72%
Assessing disease prevalence and caribou health in west-central and north-western Alberta Laura Finnegan
fRI Research
40,000 69%
A new technique to understand grizzly bear persistence and survival in oil and gas operating areas in West Central Alberta Gordon Stenhouse
Foothills Research Institute
69,000.00 75%
Canada Warbler response to vegetation structure on recovering energy sector disturbances Erin Bayne
University of Alberta
40,000 76%
Does energy sector disturbance create habitat for Yellow Rails? Erin Bayne
University of Alberta
40000 72%
Does recovering linear features increase functional habitat for caribou? Laura Finnegan
fRI Research
30,000 87%
An Industry led Standard for Rare Plant Surveying in Alberta Peter Whitehead
Cape Ecology Ltd
Tactical Optimization Planning Tool for Linear Restoration Jon Hornung
Armada Environmental Inc.
$70,000 67%
Estimating southern mountain caribou population size using a spatially explicit capture recapture design: a pilot study in west-central Alberta Laura Finnegan
fRI Research
80,000 71%
Survey design, mitigation, and landscape planning for rare plants for in situ oil sands Scott Nielsen
University of Alberta
$89,400 70%
New herbicides assessment for managing grassy invasive species on native landscapes Jay Woosaree
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
40,000 58%
Improving Caribou Habitat and Biodiversity by Incorporating Lichens in Reclamation Andrew Carpenter
Reclaimit, Ltd.
77,595 48%
Development of Remote Sensing Techniques for Regional Reclamation Monitoring of Peatlands in Alberta Mark Kapfer
$50,000 69%
Improving Invasive Species Management through UAV High Resolution Multispectral Image Data Terry Conville
NorthStream Environmental Consulting Ltd
$125,000 52%
Developing a Rare Plant Mitigation Framework Cynthia Lane
Lake Lily Ecology, Ltd.
48,500 59%
Developing Effective Rare Plant Survey Methods and Mitigation Tools Terry Conville
NorthStream Environmental Consulting Ltd
$80,000 38%
Improving the efficiency of field-level bryophyte identification for peatland reclamation certification John Potter
Solstice Canada Corp.
$18 480 49%
Developing a technique to quantify land-use effects on wetland biodiversity to support wetland reclamation and monitoring efforts Roy Marie-Claude
Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI)
50 000 51%
Identifying Plant Health Affected by Clubroot Disease in Cruciferous Crops using UAV Acquired High Resolution Multispectral Image Data Terry Conville
NorthStream Environmental Consulting Ltd
$60,000 39%
White-tailed deer behavioural response to anthropogenic features Jason Fisher
Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
$45,000 76%
Efficient monitoring of wildlife responses to seismic line restoration in the Algar Habitat Restoration Program Cole Burton
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
75,000 76%
Redefining Designable Units (DUs) for caribou in Alberta to allow for effective population monitoring, augmentation and conservation Marco Musiani
University of Calgary
$59,858 65%
Camera-based density estimation to support caribou conservation in Alberta’s Oil Sands Region Cole Burton
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
40,000 65%
Landscape-scale modeling of industrial development and climate change on caribou habitat Mark Johnston
Saskatchewan Research Council
$75,000 52%
Assessing exposure of non-target wildlife to pest control products in the oil sands development area and effectiveness of mitigation measures. Bruce Pauli
Environment and Climate Change Canada
$34,000 51%
Alberta Weed Spotter App – Conversion to Android platform Daniel Laubhann
City of Edmonton
$12,000 50%
Efficacy of Peatland Reclamation on Well Sites and Associated Features Bin Xu
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
64,020.00 67%
Efficient Tracking and Management of Alien (Weed) Species on Reclaimed Lands Vincent Futoransky
Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting Inc.
$118,362 49%
Monitoring wetland vegetation and reclamation across space and time Jonah Keim
Matrix Solutions Inc.
$35,000 73%
Watershed-Scale Cumulative Effects Assessment of Fish and Fish Habitat Responses to Upstream Oil and Gas Development Vince Palace
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
$75,000 61%
Collaborative Planting Trial for Wetlands Brian Coupal
Golder Associates Ltd.
$124,757 59%
Winter Bat Activity in Northern Alberta Delanie Player
Matrix Solutions
$82,000 50%
A comparative assessment of grizzly bear health in areas of oil and gas development and in adjacent parks and protected areas of western Alberta from 1999 to 2015 Marc Cattet
RGL Recovery Wildlife Health & Veterinary Services
$ 30,000 67%
Internet of Things for Environmental Monitoring (IoT-EM): A Open Geospatial Internet of Things (IoT) Sensing and Mapping Platform for Environmental Monitoring Steve Liang
SensorUp Inc.
$110,000 67%
Bryophyte Propagation in the Northern Boreal Region for Oil Sands Reclamation Julian Marchand
Golder Associates Ltd
$60,000 49%