List of Air Quality and Climate Change Projects – Step 2

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Efficient and low cost adsorptive process for BTEX emission control Zaher Hashisho
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta
80000 63%
Aerial Emissions Detection & Mapping Jeff Lettvenuk
Saskatchewan Research Council
$35,000 80%
Emissions Quantification by Open Path Techniques Todd Tamura
Tamura Environmental, Inc.
70000 50%
Vehicle-based fugitive emission detection and attribution within Alberta energy developments. David Risk
St. Francis Xavier University
$85,000 82%
Methane Emissions – Reduction Opportunity Identification through Validated Calculations and Emission Factors. Laura Chutny
Process Ecology Inc.
$120,000 62%
Compressor Vent Measurement Study Michael D’antoni
GreenPath Enegy
116,910 62%
Revised Emission Factors for level controllers Michael D’antoni
GreenPath Enegy
82,610 80%
Leak Detection and Repair Baseline Michael D’antoni
GreenPath Enegy
21,604 76%
Methane Reduction Costs in Alberta and BC Michael D’antoni
GreenPath Enegy
25,050 61%
Detection of fugitive methane emissions with an unmanned aircraft system and gas absorption laser Chris Hugenholtz
University of Calgary
$100,000 => See detailed budget in Appendix IV 64%
Compressor Vent Measurement Study – Revised Michael D’antoni
GreenPath Energy
48,000 0%