List of Air Quality and Climate Change Projects

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Micro-Flare to Reduce Methane Venting at Single Well Batteries Yogi Schulz
Corvelle Consulting
CDN$ 500,000 56%
Real-time Selective Insitu Gas Sensing in Porous Medium and Harsh Environment Mojgan Daneshmand
University of Alberta
50000 51%
Contaminants in Native foods: distinguishing heavy metals in berries from natural versus anthropogenic sources William Shotyk
University of Alberta
$96,000 50%
Development and field trial of a non-target air sampling method for VOCs James Harynuk
University of Alberta
100,000 57%
Evaluation of Emissions Estimation Methods Based on Ambient or Open-Path Measurements Todd Tamura
Tamura Environmental, Inc.
70000 62%
Expanding grassland carbon offsets with an ecosystem engineer William Halliday
University of Alberta
$109,129.72 28%
Characterization, quantification and modeling of gaseous and particulate emissions from flares Ke Du
University of Calgary
160K CAD 63%
Policy Measures on Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Analysis of Available and Reliable Information to Map out Emissions in the Oil and Gas Sector Piotr Staniaszek
SNC-Lavalin Inc.
Generating Deposition Velocity Surfaces for Air Pollution Impact Studies in Northern Alberta’s Oilsands Region Quazi Hassan
University of Calgary
$50,000 46%
In-Situ Upgrading of Heavy Oil/Bitumen Janusz Grabowski
Etenpax Institute Inc
1 MM$ 35%
Operational testing and evaluation of airborne methane measurements with a small unmanned aircraft system Chris Hugenholtz
University of Calgary
$46,250 76%
Alberta Pneumatic Inventory Michael D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
85,000 74%
Revised Emission Factors for level controllers Mike D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
70,000 66%
Methane Reduction Costs in Alberta and BC Mike D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
27,000 58%
Leak Detection and Repair Baseline Mike D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
20,000 70%
Efficient and low cost adsorptive process for BTEX emission control Zaher Hashisho
University of Alberta
80,000 68%
Compressor Venting Mike D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
36,000 68%
Evaluation of the Leak Detection and Repair Programs in Alberta Lindsay Stephens
25,000 73%
Methane Emissions – Reduction Opportunity Identification through Validated Calculations and Emission Factors specific to the Alberta Upstream Oil and Gas. Laura Chutny
Process Ecology Inc.
$70,000 58%
Integration of renewable energy sources into existing UOG infrastructure Alberto Alva-Argaez
Process Ecology Inc
$100,000 56%
Dehydration Energy Exchange Pump Replacement Study James Holoboff
Process Ecology Inc.
60000 49%
Stripping Gas Control in Dehy Facilities James Holoboff
Process Ecology Inc.
50000 48%
Emissions Reduction opportunities in Dehydration Facilities James Holoboff
Process Ecology Inc.
25000 50%
Aerial Emissions Detection & Mapping Jeff Lettvenuk
Saskatchewan Research Council
$30,000 75%
Life Cycle Assessment of Conservation Technologies for the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector David Parker
Saskatchewan Research Council
$35,000 52%
Evaluation of Emission Inventory Quantification Methods Jason Wilkinson
Saskatchewan Research Council
$42,000 55%
Flare Emissions from Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction and Processing: An NSERC Strategic Network for Cleaner Fossil Fuels Matthew Johnson
Carleton University
$150,000 75%
Characterization of Wellsite Emission Reductions from Implementation of Innovative Artificial Lift Systems Andrew Brice
Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.
$160,000 49%
Leak Detection by Unmanned Aerial System Surveillance with a Gas Absorption Laser Mark Kapfer
$40,000 71%
Vehicle-based fugitive emission detection and attribution within Alberta energy developments. David Risk
St. Francis Xavier University
$85,000 63%
Source Assessment and Mitigation of Oil and Gas Emissions Darren Anweiler
Saskatchewan Research Council
$75,000 52%
Oil Production Fluid Separation GHG Reduction Darren Anweiler
Saskatchewan Research Council
$75,000 49%
Mitigating Low Volume Methane Emissions Erica Emery
Saskatchewan Research Council
$75,000 71%
Commercial Demonstration of Floating Covers for Oil Storage Tanks Randy Fraser
Saskatchewan Research Council
$75,000 56%
Methane Emission Abatement Technology Field Demonstration at CHOPS Sites Ian Kuwahara
Cap-Op Energy Inc. / Black Gold Rush Industries Ltd.
131,800 40%
Volumetric Analysis of Green House Gases from Shut In Wells Leslie Kohnen
Well Suspension Tools
65,000 34%
Volumetric Analysis of Green House Gases from Shut In Wells Leslie Kohnen
Well Suspension Tools
65,000 0%
Developing the Methodology to Quantify Fugitive Emission at Well Sites Leslie Kohnen
Well Suspension Tools
$85,000 30%
Developing the Methodology to Quantify Fugitive Emission at Well Sites Leslie Kohnen
Well Suspension Tools
$85,000 0%
Quantitative Methane Emissions Study using Real-time Hyperspectral Gas Cloud Imaging System Robert Kester
Rebellion Photonics
$750,000 39%
Development of a passive biofilter for reducing methane emissions and toxicity in oil sands tailings Gordon Chua
University of Calgary
$50,000 55%
Expanded Inventory Field Application for Emission Source Data Collection and Management Ian Kuwahara
Cap-Op Energy Inc.
$86,160 31%
A new algorithm based on multi-parameter analysis for small methane leaks in natural gas pipelines Wei Victor Liu
University of Alberta
30,000 47%
Measurements of GHGs, VOCs, Odour Compounds and Particulate Matter Emissions from Upstream Oil and Gas Activities Long Fu
Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency (AEMERA)
$450,000 57%
Update of PTAC Petroleum Hydrocarbon Tier 2 Guideline Calculator Anthony Knafla
Equilibrium Environmental
$4,000 47%
Methane Emissions – Human and Ecological Health Risk based Ranking and Prioritization Tool Anthony Knafla
Equilibrium Environmental
24,000 55%
Methane Emissions Reduction from Hydraulic Fracturing Activities Alison MacQuarrie
Comprehensive screening of air emissions near hydraulic fracturing activities Court Sandau
Chemistry Matters Inc.
$77,500 43%
Improving The Efficiency Of Steam Production During The Bitumen Flowing Process From Oil Sands Mohamed ALI
BioTiger Robin Brigmon
Savannah River National Labs tech transfer/Opportunities Group LLC
BioTiger – Optimization for GHG Reduction Robin Brigmon
Savannah River National Laboratory & Opportunities Group LLC
100,000 0%