Evaluation of Surface Casing Vent Flows at Inactive Wells


PTAC is seeking a proposal to evaluate emissions from surface casing vent flows (SCVF) from inactive wells. The proposal should communicate how to determine the scale of these emission contributions to the overall methane emission profile by collecting data that can be used to evaluate both the likelihood of occurrence and the magnitude of release. The proposal should include the delivery of a report that demonstrate clear progress in the current understanding of SCVF contribution of inactive wells in Alberta & beyond, including whether or not there are interregional and/or interprovincial variations in those contributions and the causes of any variations.


The fugitive emission requirements in Directive 060 focus efforts on active wells, as it is expected that the majority of fugitive emissions are coming from parts that are actively in service and leaking as a result of wear and failure. These requirements result in annual investigation of SCVFs throughout the life of the active well. Once a well becomes inactive, as defined in Directive 060 as a well that does not report volumetric activity for a period of 12 months, and if a SCVF has not been previously detected there is the potential for a SCVF to occur. There is a limited data set on the extent of these occurrences and the associated magnitudes.

Project Scope

The scope of this project should focus on collection of field data from inactive wells throughout Alberta. Where historical data exists to support the understanding of SCVF contribution from inactive wells it should be evaluated and used to inform the field campaign. The data collected should be analyzed and presented in a report that compares current estimates to the estimate resulting from this work.

Deliverables *UPDATED*

*Note: This update allows for proposal submissions that do not include field campaign execution. Field data can be collected through alternative means and made available for analysis.

The project proposal should include a clear description on how each of the following deliverables will be completed:

  • Current & Historical Data Review Interim Report – Review publicly available data sets or reports on SCVFs at inactive wells. Prepare an interim report on the findings of the data review and include the findings as a section in the final report.
  • Field Campaign Design – Propose a field campaign that could collect representative data from inactive wells across Alberta (or in a targeted area of the province based on inactive well population density, historical information, report conclusions, etc.). This plan should include rationale for what could be considered a representative sample population or alternative options for representative sub-sample populations (within smaller areas of the province, focus on a certain age or infrastructure type, associated with a known risk, etc.). Submit the field campaign design to the PTAC project committee for review.
  • Data Analysis – Conduct data analysis on the available data set.
  • Final Report – Prepare a report that summarizes the findings from the data review and available field campaign data.

It is anticipated that there will be ongoing informal communication with the PTAC and the technical steering committee throughout the project. The proposal should include components for each stage with milestones, the project schedule, proposed costs and relevant expertise of the applicant’s proposed team.

Proposal Outline

The requested proposal should contain a very short description of the PTAC project and scope of work, CV or statement of qualifications and short excerpts of reports written by the applicant. The proposal document, which should be no more than 5 pages in length, addressing the following elements by the deadline stated below:

  • Scope of work
  • Deliverables
  • Budget and execution schedules
  • Personnel assigned to the project
  • Qualifications
  • Disclosure of co-funding agreements or partnerships

Proposals should be submitted online using the following form: Application Form

RFP Schedule

April 14, 2021          RFP issued
May 16, 2021           Deadline for submission to PTAC
June 1, 2021            Proposal selected by ARPC

Selection Process

PTAC has formed a Steering Committee for this project composed of industry stakeholders with relevant expertise. PTAC will facilitate Steering Committee proceedings but will not be a decision-maker.

All submitted proposals will be provided to the Steering Committee for review. The Steering Committee will determine if proposals meet the requirements herein and provide an overall ranking based on Contractor qualifications and on proposal quality. The Steering Committee will make the final decision.

Once a selection of the best proposal according to the Steering Committee has been made, all submission contacts will be notified by email of the regarding the outcome of their individual proposal. The project final report will be shared on the PTAC website upon completion of the project.

Contact Information
Lorie Mayes
Tel.: 403-218-7707
Email: [email protected]

Tannis Such
Tel.: 403-218-7703
Email: [email protected]