Ecological Applications 2017

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Managing weeds under climate change: the double whammy effect Shauna-Lee Chai
Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures
$50,000 41%
Landscape change analysis Zoran Stanojevic
StanCo Geomatics Inc.
130000 37%
Year 2 – Canada Warbler Response to Vegetation Structure on Recovering Energy Sector Disturbances Erin Bayne
University of Alberta
30,000 85%
Developing and testing eDNA methods to survey fish communities in Alberta. Jim Schieck
Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
$60,000 67%
Wildlife response to oil and gas footprint and caribou management measures Jason Fisher
InnoTech Alberta (formerly Alberta Innovates Tech Futures)
$75,000 66%
Response of native vegetation and wildlife to invasive species management on reclaimed lands Dean MacKenzie
Vertex Resource Group Limited
$25,000 65%
Efficient monitoring of wildlife responses to seismic line restoration in the Algar Habitat Restoration Program Cole Burton
University of British Columbia
75,000 75%
Optimization of cost-effective and functionally effective vegetation management solutions for forest reclamation Amanda Schoonmaker
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
17,032.50 63%
Exploring the potential effects of operational noise from energy-sector facilities on grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) in west-central Alberta Sarah Milligan
fRI Research (Project Supervisor: Gordon Stenhouse)
$18,000 72%
Targeting alternate prey: Understanding how moose select for regenerating landscapes to increase functional habitat for caribou within west-central ranges. Karine Pigeon
fRI Research
35,000$ 77%
Developing and Monitoring the Efficacy of Functional Restoration of Linear Features for Boreal Woodland Caribou Jonah Keim
Matrix Solutions Inc.
$75,000 77%
Wetland reclamation of padded facilities: Utilizing ecological factors to select pads for removal or reclamation in place Dean MacKenzie
Vertex Resource Group Ltd.
$140,000 51%
Effects of oil infrastructure and industrial noise on grassland songbirds Nicola Koper
University of Manitoba
39,116.40 59%
Boreal and central mountain caribou health in Alberta: from genes to generations Laura Finnegan
fRI Research
$25,000 71%
Woodland caribou calving areas and calf survival in relation to habitat selection and exposure to predation risk. Laura Finnegan
fRI Research
$25,000 74%
Monitoring wetlands, vegetation, wildlife and reclamation across space and time Jonah Keim
Matrix Solutions Inc.
$60,000 73%
Development of Remote Sensing Techniques for Regional Reclamation Monitoring of Peatlands in Alberta – Phase-2 Mark Kapfer
$55,000 73%
Has a decade of oil and gas development influenced levels of long term stress in a threatened grizzly bear population? Terry Larsen
fRI Research
$33,750 65%
Improving the efficiency of field-level bryophyte identification for peatland reclamation certification John Potter
Solstice Canada
$31 130 45%
Developing a Practical Solution to Incorporating Regeneration in Anthropogenic Disturbance Mapping Justin McPherson
Caslys Consulting Ltd.
$30,000 50%
Linear Features Characterization Using Remote Sensing Eduardo Loos
ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.
$75,000 59%
Monitoring exposure of non-target mammals to pest control products in areas oil and gas development: Informing and assessing mitigation options to improve environmental performance. Bruce Pauli
Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)
$26,475 56%
Redefining Designable Units (DUs): Phase 2, Mountain and Boreal Caribou in Alberta and BC Marco Musiani
University of Calgary
65,000 68%
Building a Business Case for Wetland Conservation in Canada Breana Jones
Ducks Unlimited Canada
200,000 57%
Golder Associates Ltd.
$67,100 68%