White-tailed Deer in Alberta’s Boreal Forest: Population Density, Resource Selection, and Occupancy in Relation to Industrial Landscape Features

Jason T Fisher, Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
GL 15-ERPC-03

Our goal is to determine white-tailed deer abundance and densities in Alberta’s northeast boreal forest. Understanding white-tailed deer distribution in the boreal forest was our primary goal, and we strove to meet these goals through a series of population and landscape “natural experiments” (Diamond 1983, Turner 1989). Each chapter in this report highlights a different examination of whitetailed deer distribution and abundance, and the implications for boreal deer expansion. These experiments are rooted in three main aspects of WTD biology: foraging ecology, movement ecology, and energetics.

Policy Issue

Knowledge Gap
moose, deer and predator use of anthropogenic features associated with oil and gas developments

2015 Final Report

2015 Presentation