Updated Industrial Revegetation Guidelines for the Mixed Grass Prairie Natural Subregion

GL 09-9204-50
Jane Lancaster, Kestral Research

This project is addressing the shift in policy defined within the 2011 Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities for Native Grasslands. Since the release of the 2001 Native Plant Revegetation Guidelines for Alberta (Native Plant Working Group 2000), Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD) has developed the Range Health Assessment protocol, the Range Plant Community Guides and the Grassland Vegetation Inventory, new tools that are now being incorporated into pre site assessments, revegetation monitoring programs for industrial development and the newly revised reclamation criteria.

Policy Issue
Effectiveness of industrial footprint reclamation

Knowledge Gap
Effectiveness of prairie reclamation (function, habitat, hydrology) following a range of disturbance types.

2013 Report

2011 Presentation