Review of Revegetation Practices for Oil and Gas Disturbances in Western Canada

AMEC Earth & Environmental Limited

Various methods have been developed and used to revegetate sites disturbed by oil and gas activities in Western Canada. Considerable information describing these methods and their effectiveness exists, although not all of this information is readily available as widely distributed, published literature. Much of this information exists in the form of research studies, monitoring program results and even anecdotal information and personal experience. This document presents the findings of a study which was undertaken to summarize past and current efforts and produce a “road map” that directs industry, regulators and researchers to the more detailed, original sources.

The study had two key objectives. These were to: 1) bring together into a single document the current state of and methodology for revegetating sites disturbed by oil and gas activities in Western Canada, and 2) identify areas of concern or uncertainty where future research efforts should be focused. Information was collected from a review of existing literature and legislation, from responses to a study questionnaire and from interviews conducted with contacts who were identified as having relevant information

2001 Final Report