Removing the Wellsite Footprint Phase II: Wetland Reclamation

Terry Osko, Circle T Consulting, Inc.
GL 15-ERPC-05

Specific objectives to be addressed by the road study include:

  • Assessment of the practicality and effectiveness of partial fill removal for reclaiming a road
  • Assessment of natural vegetation and ecohydrologic responses in the natural areas surrounding the road to fill removal from the road
  • Assessment of active revegetation options to use on the excavated road surface in response to fill removal
  • Develop understanding of requirements for re-establishment of hydrologic processes and connectivity after road reclamation
  • Develop greater understanding of initial road construction effects by documenting before and after hydrologic and ecologic effects of road reclamation
  • Provide cost estimates and feasibility analysis for road removal scenarios

Policy Issue

Knowledge Gap
wetland ecological valuation, effectiveness of wetland reclamation (function, habitat, hydrology) following a range of disturbance types (both semi-permanent and more temporary disturbances) and on a range of wetland types (permanent lakes and ponds, bogs, fens, peatlands)


2015 Ecological Forum Presentation