Moose and Predator Numerical Response to Anthropogenic Features

Jason T. Fisher, Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
GL 15-ERPC-09

This research will ultimately benefit the oil and gas industry’s efforts to support caribou conservation in Alberta. In particular, our research will address feature reclamation related to range planning for caribou. Specifically, we will test if moose and predator abundance and distribution are responding positively or negatively to linear features, cutblocks, etc., and to what degree. This information will help us understand how this novel landscape functions for large mammals. It will provide a basis for prioritizing reclamation efforts, and for creating landscape plans aimed at preventing future ungulate expansion and predator facilitation, to enhance caribou conservation.

Policy Issue
Biodiversity: Species Conservation; boreal caribou

Knowledge Gap
moose, deer and predator use of anthropogenic features associated with oil and gas developments

Herds studies: Alberta- boreal; East Side Athabasca River (ESAR)

2015 Final Report

2015 Presentation