Influence of Forest Fires on Legacy Seismic Line Revegetation and on Caribou Habitat Restoration Treatment (e.g., Mounding and Planting) in Wetland and Transitional Habitats

Paula Bentham, Golder Associates Ltd.

Golder and CFS initiated the study design process in August 2018, through a kick-off meeting to discuss previously collected data by both organizations, and to determine the next steps forward. Through this discussion, CFS identified 2018 data had been collected within CNRL Kirby’s lease, on mounded and untreated sites, mainly wetlands (5 treated and 5 untreated plots). Additionally, Golder presented linear restoration programs and monitoring sites within the Canadian Natural CLAWR site, which included 2011 – 2014 treatments, 2011 – 2013 summer planting, 2014 winter planting and 21 monitoring plots established along treated lines. The steps forward included identification of potential sampling sites, coordination on a preliminary scouting design and development of the study design, in both sampling site locations and site and vegetation data variables to be collected.

Final Report