Does recovering linear features increase functional habitat for caribou?

Laura Finnegan, fRI Research
GL 15-ERPC-01

It is imperative to determine whether the extent of vegetation regeneration on linear features influences response of caribou and their predators; when can a linear feature be considered caribou functional habitat? Answering this question is fundamental to accurately define the extent of disturbed habitat within the range of each herd, and can be applied by managers to prioritize linear features for restoration that will be the most beneficial for caribou. In addition, as the ultimate goal of habitat restoration within caribou ranges is to maintain self-sustaining populations, monitoring of reproduction and population size, and how these respond to restoration practices, is essential to assess the efficacy of actions and continually inform management practices to improve caribou habitat.

Policy Issue

Habitat restoration:

Biodiversity; Species conservation; mountain caribou, boreal caribou

Knowledge Gap
moose, deer and predator use of anthropogenic features associated with oil and gas developments

effectiveness of natural vs managed re-vegetation of seismic lines of various widths, types and habitats.

2015 Final Report
2015 Presentation