Caribou Range Restoration Project Treatment Sites: 9 to 13 Year Follow-up Monitoring in the Little Smoky Caribou Range

Paula Bentham, Golder Associates
GL 15-ERPC-07

The results of the proposed habitat restoration monitoring program will help inform the implementation of restoration treatments to achieve functional habitat restoration in a timely manner, by providing a defendable product that could be used to demonstrate why the historical linear footprint can be turned off. This has important implications for the energy sector which is looking to achieve the restoration of functional habitat in a timely manner, thereby removing linear disturbances from the footprint equation. This is driven by the concept of achieving “net positive footprint” to allow new development to occur if restoration exceeds new development.

Policy Issue

Knowledge Gap
moose, deer and predator use of anthropogenic features associated with oil and gas developments

Herd range: Alberta; boreal; Little Smoky

2015 Final Report

2015 Presentation