Assessing disease prevalence and caribou health in west-central Alberta

Laura Finnegan, fRI Reserach
GL 15-ERPC-08

Woodland caribou are in decline across their range and although the proximate cause of decline is unsustainable rates of predation, health is increasingly recognised as a factor that may contribute to survival and reproduction in caribou. The goal of this two year project is to increase understanding of predator risk and caribou health in westcentral caribou herds. In the first year of this research project our aims were:

1) to use caribou mortality site visits and existing mortality databases to address the current knowledge gap surrounding predators and landscape attributes associated with caribou mortalities in west-central Alberta, and

2) to initiate the first detailed health assessment of west-central caribou herds.

Policy Issue
Biodiversity: Species conservation; mountain caribou, boreal caribou

Knowledge Gap
wildlife health, predator use of anthropogenic features associated with oil and gas developments

Herds studied: Alberta:Mountain herds– A la Peche, Narraway, Redrock Prairie Creek

                                               Boreal herds- Little Smoky

2016 Final Report

2015 Interim Report