• Development of best practices using past AUPRF research projects targeting PTAC focus areas Plug/annular cement integrity analysis and fault diagnosis of mechanical plugs
  • Evaluation of Reclamation Practices on Forested Upland and Peatland Well Sites
  • Develop Definitions for Alternative Water Sources to High Quality Non-saline Groundwater
  • Woodland Caribou Calving Areas and Calf Survival in Relation to Habitat Selection, Anthropogenic Disturbance, and Exposure to Predation Risk
  • Algar Habitat Leapfrog Restoration Tank
  • Targeting Alternate Prey to Understand Caribou and Moose Habitat Management Choices in a Regenerating Landscape: Increasing Functional Habitat for Caribou Within West-Central Ranges
  • Data Compilation and Analysis of Phase II ESAs Associated with Drilling Waste Disposal Locations
  • Agronomic Receptor Evaluation for Direct Soil Contact
  • Remediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil and Groundwater using Heat-Activated Nano Stimulators
  • Re-evaluation of F2 and F3 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Management Limits – Phase 2
  • Evaluation of Reclamation Practices on Forested Upland and Peatland Well Sites
  • Alternative Water Source Life-Cycle Management Framework
  • Algar Caribou Habitat Restoration Project
  • Evaluation of new grizzly bear genetic scat results with DNA results from hair collection – a test and comparison of population monitoring for the future of provincial grizzly bear monitoring
  • Efficient Monitoring of Wildlife Responses to Seismic Line Restoration in the Algar Habitat Restoration Program
  • Scientific Evaluation and Interpretation of Baseline Groundwater Well Testing Data Available for British Columbia